Friday, February 06, 2009

Hooray for Vacay!

I love going places and taking trips. We never have the money to go anywhere, but we go anyway. And now that I think of it, we've never saved up money to go on a vacation before. Probably not something to talk about amidst a great recession!

So anyway, we're leaving today for a mini-vacay. A much needed mini-vacay for all of us! We're going to Houston, which is only about 3 hours away.

Oh, and did I mention we're not even packed yet?! HA! Such is the life of a procrastinator. We always get it done in the end.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Daddy & Hunter

I love those pictures where there's a little guy and his daddy, and because that little guy has his daddy all is right with the world. There's nothing else he needs. Hunter has spent most of his life without his daddy, so he knows for a fact that all he needs is a sunny day, and his daddy's hand. And Daddy knows, from spending so much time watching his son grow up through pictures, that all he needs is a small hand wrapped around his finger, and the biggest most adoring smile his little guy will ever give anyone. For one moment, all is right with the world.