Saturday, November 12, 2011

A day of dads

Today is November 12.
My dad's birthday.
The day we laid my father-in-law to rest last year.
And Louisa and Husband's Adoption Anniversary.

What a day. I consider it the "day of dads". I was happy to finally get to see my dad on his birthday last year, yet it wasn't under the best circumstances. I am happy to be able to celebrate my husband's special day, but it will probably be bittersweet to him now.

I was thinking today about all the dads that have affected my life. I have my Grandad (dad's dad), my Grandpa (mom's dad), my dad, my father-in-law. And also, my own husband. He's a dad who is in my life, even if he's not mine. I entrust him with the single most important job I have to give anyone, so he plays a big role as a dad in my life.

My two grandpa's meant the world to me. They were both special in their own ways. My Grandad was funny, and always had a crazy far-fetched story to tell. He'd get me, hook, line, and sinker every time. I have no clue how many of those stories were true, false, or exaggerated, but I believed 'em all. My Grandad taught me that hard work could lead to a life of relaxing leisure if you took care of your finances right.

My Grandpa and I were best buddies my entire childhood. I did say good-bye to him earlier this year, but the things he taught me, and how he helped raise me, and how he was always there for me no matter what, will always stay with me. My grandpa was a difficult person to get along with. He wasn't always nice to everyone around him, and he didn't always take care of his family right, but he was my grandpa and I loved him.

My dad and I worked at finding things in common, like a good father and daughter will do. Music, some sports, some academics or world happenings, etc. We can talk about anything. He's taught me a lot about being a grown up and dealing with things in grown up ways.

My father-in-law taught me a little about family, and how it's always worth fighting for. He never gave up on his kids, even at times when they gave up on him.

My husband has taught me tremendous amounts about family, love, friendship, sacrifice, and forgiveness. I haven't always been the best wife, and his forgiveness exceeds anything I've ever known.

I think that I will always celebrate the dads in my life on this day. It seems fitting to keep them all close to me, and give them all a day where I reflect on a past, and future, where fathers play such a big role in my life.