Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's about that time...

It's about that time, to close up another chapter in my book. The chapter titled "Life and Times of a Soldier's Wife Living in the Boondocks of Louisiana". Long title, I know. Boy has it been a challenge living at Fort Polk, Louisiana. Anyone who's been stationed here will tell you how hard it can be. Nothing but a Walmart for shopping, very little to entertain ourselves with, and "fancy dining" is the local steakhouse (that doesn't even taste very good).

But guess what? We survived! We survived three long years here, and have finally been blessed with orders to move on. New York here we come! New York state, not city. There's a huge difference. We'll actually be 5 hours north of the City. So hopefully we can venture down there once, maybe twice. After all, we only got to New Orleans once since living here, and that's because my parents wanted to see a Mardi Gras parade there last year. We like to travel and see things, but we just haven't done much in Louisiana. We went to Texas several times to tour around.

Fort Drum, New York will be a whole new experience. We're moving back to the colder climates, after our bodies have adjusted to these beautiful 60* sunny January days down here in the sub-tropics. We're moving back to the greatest of lakes, except instead of the western side of Lake Michigan (like in our hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin), we'll be on the eastern side of Lake Ontario, and we'll be back on *our* side of the Mississippi!

We're looking forward to this new adventure. Like any good military family, we roll with the punches, and look at each move as an adventure!