Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another summer...

Another summer in good ole Louisiana. Hot. Sticky. Louisiana. We said good-bye to Husband again last night as he left for the summer to an army school. So now I have the oh-so important job of coming up with things to keep the kids busy this summer. Low-cost, of course. You know, in these times, we need to save not spend. Right? Always easier said than done.

We have our local swimming pool to help keep us cool. If only getting myself in a swimsuit were easier! The kids have fun, though. And it's free. So I can't complain.

There are also a few inexpensive local attractions like the zoo and children's museums that are about an hour away. We will definitely need to hit those up.

And parks, you can't go wrong with playing at the park. In 100 degree weather. :)

I think much of our summer will be taken up with cooking, crafts, and playing Wii! The kids could play Wii all day if I let them. What's funny is that they don't play all the expensive games we've bought. They play the Wii Sports game that came with the console. So for anyone looking to invest in a Wii, the kids will have a blast just bowling and boxing and playing tennis on the game that already comes in the box.

And now we're off to the pool to enjoy this hot summer, without Daddy, the best we can.