Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oh no! There goes the neighborhood!

Last night I had a Girl Scout leader meeting. It was long and boring and they went over rules and rules and more rules about all the things we *can't* do with our troops.... Drew comes running up to me and yells "LouiHuntsa'er threw up, you need to come quick!" I have no idea which name he said, it sounded like both of them glommed together.
I ran to the bathroom and, yep, Louisa was throwing up. We cleanes it up, and took our sick girl home.

Now, Louisa is the worst of the three to have sick. She drags everything out, and over dramatizes how sick she really is. But the worst part of her being sick is that she hates missing school. She hates knowing that everyone is going on without her, and that things are happening that she's not a part of. Where that comes from, I have no idea! I used to fake being sick on purpose to stay home!
So last night Louisa is walking around pouting and being sassy because she knows she'll miss school today. And worst of all is that she was *just* elected Secretary of Student Council, a step up from last year, and today was the first Student Council meeting! Oh, Mom! How could you keep her home?!

Today she was just fine, as if nothing ever happened. I can't stand when the kids do that! I get the flu and I'm literally down for the count for DAYSS!! They get the flu and they throw up once, sleep it off, and they're right as rain. How?!
She did stay home because this flu thing is ground around like wildfire right now, and there's no sense in infecting more households.
Around 11:00, when I saw she was pretty much done being sick, I told her that if she was feeling good and kept down her lunch by 1:00, I'd take her to get her very first military ID. Kids are supposed to get them when they are 10, so she's been nagging me for a year to take her to get it. My ID expires this week, so I thought I'd knock them both out. Plus, I don't have to take her out of school to do it since she's already home.

Now, you all remember what it was like to get your driver's license for the first time. Think of how amazingly awesome it would be to be 11 years old, and you just got a Military ID! Louisa is on top of the world right now. Showing it off to everyone, and look there's my Daddy's social security number, and there's the expiration date, and it says I can shop at the commissary and PX (LOL!)
Another milestone, another rite of passage. They're growing up!!

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