Saturday, November 22, 2008

Antivirus 2009

Heard of it? If you have, you know how evil it is. If you haven't, update your computer's virus protector now, and don't buy the "protection" the virus tries to sell you if you do get it.
Here's what it is: Antivirus 2009
I'm praying it didn't do too much damage to my computer. It's still not all gone yet. And yes, totally my fault for not updating my virus protection. Stupid, stupid me.

In the meantime, the kids and I have a long week off school for Thanksgiving break. We've got lots of fun planned, starting with haircuts for all three kids today! Finally! I'll post a pic as soon as this nasty virus goes away.


Modern Mama Diana said...

Oh gosh, is this bad? I have it on my computer - and i paid for it. Uh oh. :(

Chaos Mommy said...

Diana, this is very bad. Contact your credit card company ASAP and tell them NOT to let that charge go through. Or, make sure the people who have your CC# haven't charged anything else. Then get the virus off your computer. These people who wrote the virus want to steal CC#'s.