Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Update on Flash

And apparently we have a dog again... long story. He's back and here to stay. He's had a long week and he's obviously glad to be back. Hunter is very happy as well.
Oh, and he has Lyme's disease. Poor puppy. Just a bottle of pills and I guess he'll be fine. That had nothing to do with his adventure away from home, though. He got that awhile ago. The shelter we picked him up at wouldn't release him until they updated his shots and gave him a blood test, so that's how we found out. It causes soreness in the joints, which totally explains why he can't walk well some days. And some days he just has trouble getting up in the first place. Hopefully the meds will get rid of all that achy-ness.

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jen said...

Gunner came down with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever a couple of months ago- he got really bad, and some blood tests, x-rays, and exams later they figured it out. It's amazing what meds will do, though. He was feeling much better after a few days- but we had to keep him on the doxy for 30 days to make sure it was treated... good luck, and I hope he's doing better:)