Friday, January 09, 2009

Hurry Up!!! ........ and wait.

So, I have this husband, and he's trying to get home from a 14 month deployment in Iraq. While I do understand that *worse* things can, and have, happened, I'd really like for all the delays to stop so he can just get here. We miss him, and he misses us. 14 months is a l-o-n-g time.

We were planning on a reunion tomorrow afternoon around 2:00. The kids and I were all set. T-shirts made. Banners hung. House clean. Ready. To. Go.

I got a call tonight from a sad soldier in Germany. They have an 11 hour layover there. Again, I realize it could be worse. But I feel so bad for him and I feel bad for the kids. We've talked about Daddy coming home all day so it will be a little hard for them to hear it will probably be after midnight.
Here are a few things we did today to get ready for Husband's return.

(Just a side note, thank you to for *all* the free banners they have provided. Our post is filled with them!!)


snowflake said...

Can't wait for you all to have your family whole and together again!!! It will be worth the wait when he is finally back home where he belongs!

Anonymous said...

So excited for you!!!! (and proud of you!)

My husband got back right when yours left... funny how differently time works for people. (The 7+ months he was gone went SOOO slow and the 14 months he has been home have flown by... but they were mega slow for you.)

Anyway, thinking about you! Have fun!