Thursday, November 05, 2009

Waiting... waiting.... Playing the waiting game

We are moving to Fort Drum, New York!!


Husband was offered a job there instructing a school... something about moutain and rifles and... I'm sure I'll know more when we get there! But it's a school he really enjoys, he teaches all his guys here everything he learned when he went to that school, so he will (should) have fun with it. And that will make him non-deployable for the two to three years we're there. Bonus!

However, we don't have those pesky official orders yet. In the military you can't go to the bathroom without orders! Mostly ;) You need them to do just about everything, though. You have orders for where you live, what base you're stationed at, when you're on leave, when you're deployed, etc. We can't give our 30 days notice to housing without them, we can't set up our transportation (moving our stuff) without them, and we can't really look for a house in New York without them. Orders, you see, have a way of getting lost... or overturned. As has happened to us in the past with certain drill sergeant orders.

I'm confident we'll get the orders and get moving soon. I really feel our time here at Fort Polk is done. Husband has been with this unit since March 2006. That's long enough! Two deployments later, it's time to get out of here and try something new. That's the fun of being a military family, all the new places you get to explore. I've never even visited the Northeast before, except the one trip to Niagara Falls.... I'd like to get up there and have some adventures. Also, we'll be a hop, skip, and border crossing away from Canada.

I'm not, however, looking forward to the cold. My body has climatized itself to the south. I may have grown up in Wisconsin, but my body has become Southern!

For now, we play the waiting game.

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Roe said...

OMG! You'll be only 329 miles away! :D