Sunday, June 06, 2010


I've tried a few play-dough recipes before that didn't turn out well. Either too sticky, or too stiff. This recipe feels exactly like the store bought stuff. And since I used mostly generic ingredients, I'm guessing it's cheaper. I'll have to figure out the cost one day to see if it's always worth me just making my own.

~The Play-Dough Recipe~

4 cups all purpose Flour
2 tbsp Cream of Tartar
1 cup Salt
4 cups Water
2 tbsp Oil (canola, veggie, etc)
Food coloring

1. Mix dry ingredients in a saucepan. You could mix them in a separate bowl if that's how you usually do it, but it just unnecessarily dirties an extra dish.
2. Mix in water and oil and choice of food coloring.
3. Heat mixture on medium heat, stirring constantly.
4. Keep mixing until play-dough is no longer sticky, and resembles a real play-dough type texture. Around 10 minutes. It does get hard to stir after awhile, but keep at it!
5. When it looks like this, it's done.

6. Place on counter top, or I used a cookie sheet since I have *very* little counter space. Knead a few times, about 10 or so. It's warm so let it cool if you can't touch it yet. After I kneaded it, I spread it out on the cookie sheet to cool completely before letting the kids have at it.
This recipe yielded approx. 6 cups, or two of these 3 cup containers.

You can halve or quarter this recipe easily, to make more colors. I chose orange because it's Hunter's favorite.
And then it's time to create!

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Theresa said...

Great! One question: did the dough stay soft after use (is it still soft)? :)

~jen said...

Awesome! I think this is pretty close to the recipe my mom used when we were growing up:) I Love it!

Chaos Mommy said...

Yes, Theresa, a week later it's still nice and soft and feels just like it did when I made it. Actually, it's even nicer now since it's completely cooled and been kneaded a thousand times by the boys! ;)

Chaos Mommy said...

Whoevers comment I just rejected on accident, I'm sorry! Re-comment, please! :)

Anonymous said...

You will save me oodles of cash on Play-Dough someday, lol, and research for the right recipe. Thanks for posting this one.

Chaos Mommy said...

They are still playing with the same play-dough! I'm down to one container instead of two because they have left some of it out over the past few weeks. But it's still nice and squishy!