Monday, August 30, 2010

Culinary Arts School ~ or ~ Let's see what Chaos Mommy can burn in someone else's kitchen!

It's about that time. My life as a lazy, good for nothing, lay about are done. I'm off to get me an education at one of them there.... colleges. Higher learning, they call it.

When the idea struck me that I could finally go back to school this fall (what with having all three kidlin's in school for the first time), I had to go through the college catalog and pick a direction. There weren't a lot of choices since it's a small "two year" college, but one degree struck me the second I saw it. I didn't know if it was something I could actually pursue, though. To me, people who get their culinary arts degree want to work in big fancy uptown restaurants and serve their specialty every Friday night to the wealthy masses. Simple little folk like me don't go for degrees like that. Surely not.

A few short months later, and here I am: the eve of my first day of school. With the help and support of my amazing husband (and the GI Bill he's worked so hard for), I have my books and am all ready to start. Kind of. Gotta get rid of these blasted butterflies first. I'm not one for sitting in classrooms where I'm actually expected to, you know, participate. So yes, why am I going to *school* then?! Because I know that once I get there, I'll get over it.

Tomorrow I start two of my three classes this semester. Introduction to Hospitality, and Safety and Sanitation. I'm sure the latter will be loads of fun. My technical degree name will be an AAS in Hospitality with a Culinary concentration. That means I get to take mostly culinary classes. And my dream of owning an independent book store with pastry shop attached is now just *that* much closer!

Off I go... college student. Again. For real this time, though. I mean, no dropping out. Really, really going to make it work. Hopefully.


Theresa said...

Girl, I am SO proud of you. and you're right, once you get there and get settled into a routine those anxieties will go away and you will rock it!

Love you,

Chaos Mommy said...

Thank you, Miss T!! Your support means a lot.

Amanda said...

Congrats on going back to school! That's so awesome to hear, I plan on doing the same one these days when I move closer to a culinary school :)

Ron Cooper said...

Following you now from New Friend Friday! Please follow my blog of inspiring messages, all original work of mine.

Chaos Mommy said...

Thanks Amanda! We moved here earlier this year and I was so excited when I found out our local community college had a culinary arts program! I just finished my 2nd week and the first week was full of trials. This week went a bit better! Next week should be golden! lol!