Thursday, December 02, 2010

Being a published author is cool!

Actually, I don't know if it's cool or not yet. I'm a newbie. But I assume there's all sorts of awesome somewhere in the experience of being a published author!

And here.... is my *official* press release!

Media Contact: Elva Resa PR, 651-357-8770,
Local Author is Published in New Picture Book Anthology

Peggie Brott writes story "Saying Goodbye" in Military Life: Stories and poems for children,
a collection of original stories and poems about the joys and challenges of military life.

Book: Military Life: Stories and poems for children

Local Author: Peggie Brott
Publisher: Elva Resa Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-934617-09-0
Publication Date: December 2010
Retail Price: $12.95
Format: 8"x10" Paperback, 48 pages

(St. Paul, MN) Award-winning independent publisher Elva Resa Publishing is pleased to announce the
publication of local author Peggie Brott's story "Saying Goodbye" in its December 1, 2010 release of
Military Life: Stories and poems for children. Brott's story was one of thirteen original stories and poems
selected for this anthology about military life from a child's point of view.

In "Saying Goodbye," a young girl helps her dad pack for his deployment and, along with her mom and
brother, says goodbye to her dad as he boards the bus to deploy. Brott captures tender details of an
emotional parting, including special gifts exchanged between Squirt and her dad.
Military Life gives a glimpse of the many joys and challenges military children experience, from moving
to making new friends, deployment, homecoming, patriotism, and tender family moments.

About Peggie Brott
An army wife for ten years, Peggie Brott believes in helping her three children find the silver lining in any
situation and enjoys all the adventures army life brings. She was inspired to write “Saying Goodbye,” a
story in Military Life: Stories and poems for children, during her husband’s second deployment.
Peggie has been a stay-at-home-mom, Girl Scout and FRG volunteer, gymnastics teacher, and a student
in the culinary arts program. Her husband is currently stationed at Fort Drum, New York.

Elva Resa Publishing is based in St. Paul, Minnesota. Its mission is to make a positive difference in
people’s lives. For more information, visit

To arrange an interview with Peggie, please contact 651-357-8770 or
For more information about this book and its other authors, please visit

If you are interested in purchasing this book, it's available on Military Life: Stories and Poems for Children, for $12.95. I'm more than happy to sign something and send it to you after you've purchased the book. I cannot get book plates from Elva Resa at this time.
Here is my Author Page on the Elva Resa website.

So if I've done nothing else in life to fullfill my dreams, I'm a published author and that's all I've wanted. Prayer and patience have brought me here. I will continue to put myself, and my books, out there. I just pray this isn't the last one. But if it is, I'm ok with that, too.

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scrapperjen said...

OMG! That is SO cool! Congratulations to you! :)