Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Dear God,

Dear God,

So many people are weighing on my heart.

I feel that prayer is the only place to start.

Giving up the burdens I feel it necessary to bare,

Lord, I’m sending these prayers because I know how much you care.

You care about the mother, about to go to court,

To face her former husband, who has fallen short.

His lies will be open for all to see,

Because there’s nowhere to hide for men like he.

There is another mother who feels afraid,

For all of the serious mistakes she’s made.

Sadly standing by for better or worse,

As a husband she trusted turns into a curse.

A single mom who is fighting cancer each day,

She has such a big reason to fight to stay.

Her family surrounds her with support and love,

Just as You are shining on her from above.

There’s a family I know who’s torn apart.

So much sadness in their lives they have hardened their hearts.

They should show love instead of animosity,

Working on being a family in unity.

A daughter who has to take care of her mother,

A mother who misses her daughter,

A son who feels left behind,

And a wife who is so lonely she’s blind.

For a mother who’s spent every night for weeks,

Sleeping by her son’s hospital bed listening to doctors speak.

Something about his brain and surgery and more,

Filling her head, she can’t take anymore!

Give us this day our daily bread,

And please take this stress from our heads.

I pray, O Lord, for tests and surgeries,

As your ways, for me, are always a mystery.

So many trials going on with loved ones,

Lord, I pray you will not leave them on their own.


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scrapperjen said...

This is beautiful, Peg!