Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dinos, Diapers, and Dishes

When evaluating my daily life I came up with three things that stand out the most.
Like most families, we have more toys than Toys R Us. If I could open a toystore, I would never have to worry about money again. We have trucks, trains, Hotwheels, and dinosaurs. I didn't even know there were that many kinds of dinosaurs. If there is a dino toy, we've got it! I step on them constantly, all day. They live in "groups" and some of them even have little trees to eat. And if you mess up a group, or heaven forbid step on one and obliterate it, look out! You'll get the wrath of Drew! Then he will have to spend all his time, like it's a big inconvenience, setting up all his groups of dinosaurs again.
After Drew was out of diapers, my husband was more than relieved that we would not have to put up with that again. The last child out of diapers is a big accomplishment for most families. Not having the added expense, not having to carry a diaper bag, not having to worry about the baby pooping when you forgot to bring the wipes.
When I brought up the idea of a third child, the first thing my husband said to me was, "But we just got Drew out of diapers!" and then "I just threw out the diaper genie!" Of course, having another baby and adding to the family is worth all the diaper changing to us. But at the end of the day when I've changed my 10th diaper, I start thinking, Is 9 months old too early to start potty training?
When I have all the kids in bed and the apartment is quiet, there is one little black cloud that hangs over my head. The pile of dishes I've neglected. Sometimes I judge what kind of day we've had by how many dishes are in the sink. If there are just a few cups and bowls, we had a good day because I didn't cook much! If the sink is full, we probably spent the whole day inside and I probably ate too much. I look at the dishes and decide how important it is to put off hitting my nice comfortable bed to load the dishwasher. More times than not, the bed wins!

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