Friday, May 11, 2007

Crafts n stuff

This week at both Drew and Louisa's schools was Teacher Appreciation week put on by the PTA's. At Louisa's school there was a big lunch for the teachers on Tuesday and I sent about two dozen little mini pecan pies. Drew's school had a week long celebration with a theme each day.
Wednesday was Hugs & Kisses day. We could bring in a gift to the teacher that represented hugs and kisses like candy or pictures or a card. So Tuesday night we made a card with a big X and O cut out of red paper. Drew made a picture inside and wrote "You re a fabylus techr".
Thursday was Apples day. We could bring in an apple of any kind. I figured she'd get enough real apples, so we got creative. We went to WalMart and scoped out the craft section. It's not very big and unless you knit or scrapbook or quilt, there's not much of a selection. We don't have any other craft stores in town that I've seen. After wandering around for 20 minutes for something, anything appl-ish, I spotted some clearance iron-on patches. I dug through and found apples and school themed ones. Now, what do I do with them? We looked around, and around some more until I spotted some cute little (clearance) chalk boards. Teacher... chalkboard... ya, they go together! We bought two of them (because if Drew is making a craft, Louisa has to as well).
I think they turned out pretty cute. Louisa is keeping her chalkboard, but Drew gave his to his teacher.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Today is Friday and it was Flower day. Drew loves to draw and paint, so I just had him paint her a vase full of flowers. It turned out very cute. Plus we were short on time yesterday to do a big project. It was Daddy's birthday and after school we had to go to the store to get him his present. Yes, very last minute! He's so hard to buy for, though. Then we had to come home and get the little mini pizzas ready. He asked for homemade pizza for his birthday dinner. We put a fun little twist on the homemade pizza thing, though. We bought six little premade crusts (like Boboli, but a generic version) and topped them with sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and pineapple (although mine was plain cheese). Then we threw those on the grill until all the cheese melted. It was very good and made the crust nice and crispy, just like Daddy likes them! We also had birthday brownie, because we're not huge cake fans. We prefer birthday brownies, birthday giant cookies, birthday pie, birthday cheesecake, you get the picture.
Then, after the birthday stuff we had to make an "Eggonaut" spacesuit for Drew for a school project today. They were launching Eggonauts off the school roof, and each kid needed to make a spacesuit (padded protection for the egg) so the egg wouldn't break. We've all made these before either for our kids, or for our own school projects. Although when I did it in high school, we also had to attach a parachute. No parachutes for these little guys. We padded the egg with marshmallows. Lots and lots of marshmallows. It couldn't be any bigger than 6x6x6. But of course when we measured the Eggonaut suit it was 11x6x6. That figured. We cut it down to just the exact dimensions. I'll find out in a few hours when he gets home how his Eggonaut survived the fall from the school roof. I hope marshmallows were enough to keep it safe. Since we did it so late we didn't have time to test it. Bad parents! Putting off such a project till the night before.
We only have two weeks of school left. Gotta love the South for getting out so early! Then I'll have a first grader and a fourth grader. At some point do they stop growing? Because I'm really not liking this growing up stuff.


Amber said...

Sounds like a great birthday for daddy! I think the chalk boards turned out great! Good job!

Anonymous said...

Those chalkboards are awesome. You are very creative.

Roe said...

This growing up stuff sucks, doesn't it? :-( Will's going to be 8 in less than two weeks. EIGHT! How did that happen?

Kim said...

Wow, the chalkboards are really clever! That is alot of do-it-yourself projects... we are still in preschool here - can't believe my oldest will be a Kindergartener next year! Stop growing!

navywife6 said...

LOL I love the eggonaut suit, thats great. I hear ya on the growing up stuff, I mean I went to registeration for Osten the other day and the HS principal said we had to fill out drivers ed papers. OMG he's only 14.5 when did he get to be old enough to drive :( oh well guess its life huh LOL.

Missed reading your blog Peggie, and writing so I'm back. Take care honey.

starr said...

im doing the same egg project in school and i like the way u used marshmallows...but..did it work? im trying to find a good way so mine wont break!! help!!