Thursday, May 10, 2007

Playgroup for Two

Hunter and I have been meeting with a playgroup here on base for a few months now. There are two parts to the playgroup. One part is for babies under one, and the other is for babies 1-3 years. We usually do activities with the 1-3 year old group. Often times the two groups combine for activities such as going for walks and meeting at the park, but I have not participated in many of those yet. I have never been in a playgroup before, and although this one is very informal, I'm still not sure about playgroup etiquette.
On Monday there was a playgroup meeting at a local park for lunch and playtime. I fed Hunter at home because I knew he wouldn't eat there. Then, as I was going out the door, the dog peed in his cage. So I had to stop and clean that up. Then Hunter had a stinky diaper, so I had to stop and change that. On the way to the park there was construction that stopped us for 10 minutes. It was one of those "if it can go wrong, it will" type of days.
We got to the park an hour late and I didn't recognize a single mom or baby there. I slowly walked up to the pavilion and asked if this was the right playgroup. They were all nice and introduced themselves. With a playgroup of 40 women, I guess it's easy to not have met everyone yet. Especially when most of them seem to have babies under one. And that's the next thing I noticed. They were all little babies. No one for Hunter to play with. Moms with their babies and toys spread out on many different blankets all chattering away. You never realize how big your baby is until he's the "big kid" in a group of littler babies.
Hunter wasn't too interested in hanging around a bunch of babies, so we went to play on the playground equipment. After we played for awhile, I decided we should go back and sit and chat with the other moms. Hunter didn't like that idea. He had fun playing "which toy belongs to which baby", though. And I tried really hard to be sociable and not shy.
We stayed for more than an hour. It was a nice visit, but I did feel like we were singled out. It was more a playgroup for two.
The next day Hunter and I were supposed to meet with the 1-3 year old babies at a new place nearby called Jump City. It is a building with a whole bunch of big bouncies in it and they have "toddler time" on Tuesdays from 10-12. We didn't get there until 11:00, but I figured they would all still be there. There weren't many people playing when we got there, and if any of them were playgroup mommas, I didn't recognize them.
We paid our money and started bouncing. There was a big variety of bouncies, all shapes and sizes. Hunter didn't care for the bouncing part. He preferred to stay on the ground and play with some little soccer balls. It's a place I think Drew and Louisa will appreciate more.
That day was definitely a playgroup for two. We aren't having much luck with this whole playgroup thing. We'll keep at it, though. They have a lot of fun activities and they usually have stuff planned 4 or 5 days a week. Enough to keep us busy, if we can actually get to something on time.
Here are some pics from our bouncy playgroup for two:

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Amber said...

Sounds like a fun playgroup, stick to it, even if you don't make any life long friends there, atleast you stepped out of your comfort zone, and that is always a good thing to "grow" yourself a little more... and yes I know I need to take my own advice! lol! :)

kim said...

Cute pics! Maybe you can plan an event for the group and make it really close to your house - or at your house.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you could have some great fun. At least you got out of the house and did some stuff with just Hunter.