Saturday, July 21, 2007

Budding Artists

Thursday's "successful" playgroup led us to a paint your own ceramics shop in the nearby town. One side of the shop was filled with ceramic pieces to glaze, and then the shop would fire it for you. There were dishes and picture frames and figurines. All very cute and tempting, but all a tad more than what I had in my wallet. The other side of the shop had plaster figures, signs, picture frames, that sort of thing. You paint them with permanent paint and you can take them home right away. Each piece, no matter what it was, cost about $10. Having three kids to pick out a piece and paint, we had to go with the plaster. We are definitely going back to do the ceramic pieces some day, though. I already have gifts picked out for future birthdays and Christmases!
Hunter saw a low shelf with several different shaped kitties on it. He ran over with great enthusiasm shouting, "Kitty kitty, kitty kitty," and meowing at them. There were puppy figures on the shelf, too, and he barked at them all, but in the end chose a small kitten to paint. Hunter was one of only two little ones who actually painted anything. The rest either played in a playroom or sat in their strollers being too little to really paint much. Several of the mommies put their baby's feet and hands on plates and picture frames, though. They all turned out very cute.
There were cups of brushes on the table and a cup of water. Since the paint was permanent, the lady who worked there told us to use one brush per color, then stick it in the water and take a clean brush for the next color. Hunter thought that meant he could paint one stripe, stick the brush in the water, grab a new one and paint another stripe. He used up the whole cup of brushes. All 40 of them.
Drew chose a bigger cat that he affectionately named Marissa. When he was finished painting, he got to add glitter. The lady who worked there took Drew outside and they added the glitter. I think Drew fell in love. Not only was she very cute and sweet, she took the time to listen to him. And anyone who knows him can attest to the fact that he's never quiet. He has a million stories to tell and he tells them all to everyone he meets. This girl was very nice to sit and chat with him for as long as she did. Drew also got to add the glitter to Hunter's kitty.
Louisa had a hard time choosing. She always takes a long time when she needs to make a decision. Especially one as important as which figure to paint. She's very particular. She needs to have a vision of how it will turn out before she'll choose. Louisa ended up choosing an Indian Princess head. Right away she knew what she wanted to do with it. It turned out great and she had the admiration of the whole shop by the time she was finished. She is extremely proud of what an awesome job she did.
The playgroup ladies are already planning a mom's night only to the ceramics shop. It was so much fun, and I think it would be nice to go when we can all paint something just for ourselves without little ones crying and running around the store.


Kim said...

Wow! They all did a great job! Too cute about Drew falling head over heals. Sounds like a great play date!

Sandy said...

We have a paint your own ceramics studio in town - no plaster though. The kids LOVE it, as do I. In my pre-kid days, my friends and I would meet there once a month to paint and watch the Thursday night NBC line on the little TV in the corner. ;) I have bowls, flower pots, etc out the ears.

Christmas gifts though - awesome! Logan made my mom a frame she adores. I also have a mug for Bruce with then 2 yr old Logan's hand print on it and infant Meg's footprint....oh and a lot of "scribble" painting from Logan. it's cherished. You've got good idea making a gift list now.

john said...

This was really interesting. I am a mother of four-year old daughter. I saw that she is even having a keen interest on ceramic pieces rather than stuffed toys.

Jenn said...

That looks like so much fun and the kids did a fantastic job. You've encouraged me to reach out and look for a playgroup near me.