Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Successful Playgroup Meeting... kind of!

I think I finally had a successful playgroup meeting. Now, I know you're asking, "You THINK?" Yes, I think! We were scheduled to go to the zoo yesterday. It's about an hour drive, so we were all supposed to meet at the on post gas station and then go from there. When I got there and parked, two ladies rolled down their window and asked if I was in the playgroup. (it's that obvious?) I said yes, introduced myself and peeked into their backseat to see what little cuties were sitting back there. Empty. I looked at them funny and they both giggled and told me they don't have any kids yet. They are both pregnant, one due in August, one in September. I thought that was kinda silly, but yet, smart. A good idea to join a playgroup when you're a first time mom, even if the baby isn't here yet.
A few minutes later another lady showed up with her little one and she said we should go because everyone else was meeting us at the zoo.
We drive off, and about halfway there the car with the pregnant ladies stops and turns around. I got kind of worried. When we got to the zoo my playgroup friend told me they called her cell phone and one of them had started leaking fluid so they turned around. I hope she's okay.
We enter the zoo and kind of look around to see if anyone is waiting for us. Nope. So we start to walk and look at... well... zoo stuff. My kids are so into animals. Zoos, even small ones like this, are great excitement for them. Drew, now that he can read so well, likes to read all the signs. He thoroughly impressed our playgroup friend with how well he could read.
We wizzed through the zoo in record time. I think the kids could have probably stopped and looked at some of the animals more, but when you're walking and talking you don't realize that you're passing stuff by.
At the end of the zoo our playgroup friend's son was pretty tired so she went home. We stayed to ride the train. Of course, you have to ride the train when you're at the zoo.
I think it was a successful playgroup meeting, even if there were only two of us.


~jen said...

Sounds like you had fun~ I'm so glad:) And zoos are always fun!! Hope the othe momma-to-be is doing okay!

Kim said...

When it is to places like the zoo... it is a successful trip with or without playgroup friends! LOL. Glad you had fun. Cute pic!

Sandy said...

Awesome!! Two is still a good meeting. It was a new friend and it was amusing the kids - it doesn't get better than that!

Amber said...

Sounds like a great sucess to me! Glad you guys all had a great time, even thought the numbers where small.