Monday, July 28, 2008

Friday's Final Finale

On Friday night I tucked my dearest darlings in their little beds, kissed their sweet little cheeks, and sat down to write a blog all about my day. The long day I had getting the kids to dress rehearsal at 10:00 am, coming home to clean for a few hours, going back to the first show (with Hunter and two neighborhood kids) at 2:00, taking Hunter and the neighborhood kids to Burger King for an ICEE after the show, taking neighborhood kids home, taking Hunter to Louisa's best friend Echo's house so he wouldn't have to sit through the second performance, going back to the theater for 2nd performance at 5:00, picking kids up about 6:00, returning their costumes, going to pick up Hunter from Echo's house, going to Dairy Queen for a celebration dinner and ice cream...... {breathe in, breathe out}

After I got all that written out I.... I dunno, probably read a book and went to sleep. But when I woke up Saturday morning there was, sitting in my little comment section, an annoying comment that rubbed me the wrong way. In my annoyance, I deleted the whole thing and pouted.

See, the thing is, this here is my blog. I set it up for many different reasons, one of the most important is because I like to have a place to talk about all those frustrating parenting moments we deal with on a daily basis. Whether it's trying to get the house clean for my husband to come home in one week, or it's the fact that every time my toddler sits on his potty he tells me his boy part is broken and won't go, or even those frustrating times where people make a commitment and then don't follow through. Any way I look at it, this is my space to vent my frustrations. And after I saw my little annoying comment and deleted my whole blog, I wrote a long ranting and raving post all about how I have every right to write what I feel without criticism and blah blah blah..... I don't even remember! I deleted that one, too, since I realized it served no purpose.

Point is, I have to check myself in so many areas of my life. Watch what I say and how I act and who I'm seen with, that I like to have one place where I don't always have to watch it. Maybe I can say I'm frustrated with this issue without someone jumping down my throat accusing me of harsh things like belittling a 9 year old. A 9 year old who I've never even seen before, who was in a play along with my daughter and son, who just didn't have her lines memorized. If what she did up on the stage was her absolute best, then I totally applaud her.

What really truly matters isn't what I say about her, it's that I'm so proud of Drew and Louisa for getting up there and giving it their all! They really worked hard and it showed. I got so many compliments on their job well done. They had two shows in one day, they had about 4.5 days to rehearse, they had very hot and heavy costumes that they didn't get to take off all day long (almost 8 hours!), and I couldn't be prouder! That's what matters.

{My little Seahorse. He was so proud of what a good job he did!}
{Sea Scout. Like Girl Scout, but their leader is an ocean explorer.}

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Chaos Mommy said...

I'm copying and pasting this comment from my best friend, Jen! Cause she's sweet and I love her and miss her :)

"They look adorable in their costumes!! I'm so glad they had fun:) And this is YOUR blog... vent away honey~ if people don't like it then they can just not read it:) As for me, I love reading what you write- it always help me keep things in perspective. You know how my two are, so I can appreciate all the funny things your munchkins do! I miss ya girl, so keep writing~ it's the closet thing to a sit down heart-to-heart with you that I get:)

PS~ Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!

Miss you~