Monday, July 07, 2008

School Already?

The shelves in WalMart are packed with back-to-school supplies. I guess it's that time again. But I feel like we *just* finished school! There's no way this summer is three months long. Oh ya, that's cause it ISN'T!

Our school district finished on May 29, and starts back up again August 8. August 8!!! How is a kid supposed to enjoy their summer? What happened to the dog-days of summer? Long lazy days where you sit under a shade tree with your friends and trade Pokemom cards, or talk about the cool new Jonas Brothers movie? My kids will spend the dog-days of summer in school. Doesn't seem right.

Today we registered Louisa and Drew for school. Louisa will be going into 5th grade (how?!), and Drew.... well.... we're not sure. He didn't technically finish 1st grade since I homeschooled him. The new school he'll be attending told us that he has to be tested. That's fine. We don't mind. The funny thing is that the secretary made this test seem so hard. Like only kids who've actually went through a full year of 1st grade could pass it! hehe! I'm very amused by that. We'll show them, won't we?!

There are a few things I want to go over with Drew before he takes the test. We didn't really sit and do worksheets all year, so some things he might not realize he learned. I have a month or so to give him a few last review-type lessons. He'll do fine, though. And if for some reason he does have to start out in 1st grade again, I am confident they would move him up in no time. No worries!

Louisa is technically supposed to be headed to the local middle school, but I don't feel that's the right atmosphere for her. It's not the best run school in the area, and I don't think 5th graders belong in a middle school. She is fine with not moving forward with her classmates. She understands and knows she will know people at this new school. Plus, her bestest friend in the whole entire world will be going there as well (her mom feels the same way I do about the local middle school).

The new school has grades kindergarten thru 6th at the elementary level. The middle school and high school are also on the same grounds. I've heard nothing but good about this school and it has a large military population since it's right outside our army base. Today they had open enrollment and we were registered with no problems. That was a big relief to me! I was worried all the open spots would be full by the time we got there.

Louisa was excited because in 5th grade you get to choose from choir, band, and creative arts (which is *not* an art class, it's like creative writing and drama). Louisa chose choir. She told me that she felt like a grown-up, getting to make an important decision like that. I told her to stop that!

Here's looking forward to a new school year, at a brand new school. A new start for Drew will be good for all of us.


~jen said...

I'm so glad you got them enrolled! That's great!! The new school does sound like the best choice for both of them.
And ours go back early too, on the 6th- so they only have 4 weeks left! Hmmm... I suppose I *should* be sad, right?

Roe said...

Wow, school already? Jeez! We've got back to school sales all over the place here too, but the boys don't go back 'til the day after Labor Day (and I complained that was too early!). They were in school until June 26th - give me a break and let kids be kids!

SnapShotMommy said...

I am a teacher in Pineville, LA and we go back Aug. 6th. I am so sad summer is over!

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