Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dear Winter

Dearest Winter,

I am writing to officially inform you that you only have two days left to deliver your goods. You see, March is the official start of the season called Spring. And although the calendar likes to get picky with details of a specific date (March 20), we here on the planet Earth in the Northern Hemisphere associate all of March with Spring. Thus comes the issue that February is almost over, and your reign of cold and icy terror shall come to an end. Immediately.

Now, I do realize that Northern New York borders the sub-arctic climate, but I will remind you of what our good friend Punxsutawney Phil had to say. When he peeked out from his little hole on February 2 he, in fact, did *not* see his shadow. That means winter will be shortened this year, for everyone! I believe by way of the Superstitions and Imaginary Beliefs Act of A.D. 99, you Mr. Winter are contractually binded to terminate yourself "early" in this year of our Lord, 2011. Enough is enough, as far as most of the United States of America is concerned.

Yours truly (but not *too* truly),
The Chaos Mommy

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Theresa said...

it snowed here today. :(