Thursday, March 31, 2011

The. Groundhog. Lied.

Plain and simple, he lied. I will never trust Phil again, I'm afraid. I'm sorry, Phil, but you're a horrible weather predictor.It may be difficult to see in this picture, but behind Hunter there are big, fat, fluffy snowflakes falling. March 31, 2011. Eleven days after the Spring Equinox, and more than three weeks after Phil said spring would begin. Granted I do have teeny tiny crocuses peeping up, a sure sign that spring has to... just *Has To* be around the corner. However, two days this week so far we've woken up to snow. And all the rest have been a thick layer of frost. I'm putting my foot down right here! April, in case no one has noticed, is tomorrow. The official "month" of spring! Easter, Passover, Spring!!!

I'm off to think springy thoughts and work on the Mario room. After all, it won't paint itself. Even when it's snowing.


scrapperjen said...

I hear ya! Phil stinks. It's snowing here today - it's April 1. What the heck?!

smiley_netta said...

LOL I find it funny everyone flips out about snow in March, when growing up in Colorado, we got snow in MAY! I agree, though, it does suck. It's time for SPRING, not WINTER!

P.S. Mostly just dropping by to say "hello" and "Happy Tuesday" to you! :D

Chaos Mommy said...

Thank you, Netta!! I wouldn't complain as much if I didn't come straight up here from Louisiana last year. They get to have their beautiful upper 80 degree weather all ready. I <<>> sunshine in the worst possible way! Northern New York is the snowiest, cloudiest, rainiest place I've ever lived. I told my husband last night that when talking to military families about moving to Fort Drum, I won't talk about the snow, I'll talk about the *clouds* and the *rain*! It never ends. I don't think NNY knows what sunshine is ;)

And yes, very happy Tuesday! Although I love my Monday and Wednesday baking class, work is getting quite hectic and I'm glad for the break!