Thursday, May 05, 2011

If he doesn't post it on Facebook, does my husband still love me?

It's a valid question in today's social network based society. If my husband doesn't post it on Facebook, does he still love me?

I have many couple-friends on FB. Some of them are cute and mushy, some of them are a leetle too over-the-top, and some (like Husband and I) don't communicate at all. Sure when we both had our laptops we thought it was fun to play Scrabble together on FB instead of getting out the board. We'd sit and watch a movie and play Scrabble, it was nice. But we don't use Facebook to communicate. Like, ever. I think maybe I say "Happy Birthday" on his birthday, but he doesn't do it back to me. Do I need him to? Is this something I really spend all day thinking about?


Sometimes I joke with him when he gives me a compliment, telling him to post it so *everyone* can see it! In reality, I don't need him to. His compliments mean a lot to me, in private. I don't need my parents, and daughter, and nephew, and.... you get the idea, seeing that my husband thinks I'm bootylicious or any sort of strange thing I've seen husbands post.

Another oddity in the social network world: hacking in to eachother's accounts to write said compliments. Really?? You can't take that compliment and keep it in your heart? You have to now log on to your husband's account, write the compliment as if he were saying it on Facebook for the first time, and then let your friends ooh and ahh over it? Interesting.

You can find out a lot about a person by how they behave online.

I think that I can tell how much my husband loves me by the large amount of small things he does for me. On a daily basis. How he takes time in his busy morning to unload the dishwasher quick. How he stops to pick up milk on his way home from an exhausting day, even when I don't ask. How he takes the kids out to play so I can get homework done, even without me saying anything. How he gets done with work a few minutes early so that I can go someplace without taking the kids. Little, every day things, that for some would go unnoticed. I notice it all. I ooh and ahh over it all. And I keep it all to myself. He makes little sacrifices for the family all the time. He goes without, when others wouldn't. He takes his lunch to work instead of eating out with *all* the rest of the guys. He doesn't need alone time, or "me" time. He just likes to be at home with us. He encourages me to be ME, and no one else. He doesn't limit or restrict me in any way. I'm my own person, and he likes that.

We may be at total opposite ends of the astrological spectrum (big warning sign next to Taurus and Aquarius say "Do Not Get Married!" ) but we are a good team. And even without an official statement on Facebook, I think he loves me :)

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Annece said...

Your blog come up right after mine & just wanted to tell you that I loved reading it!