Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Doctor Update

I got up the courage this morning to call and make a doctor appointment. At our military hospital they only do "same day appointments". So you have to call at promptly 7:15 am when the appointment office opens. I didn't get through until 7:47 am.
I went in with a list of what I wanted to tell him. I wasn't scared and I was going to be heard no matter what. I spent 4-5 hours last night curled up in a ball in so much pain that I was crying my head off. Every time I got up I threw up. I had enough! I wanted this pain gone, for good!
The nurse who took me back was very nice. Strange. Am I in the right hospital?
The doctor came in and ... get this... he was nice! Ok, now I KNOW I'm in the wrong hospital.
I was totally honest with him, as embarassing as something like this is. He was very nice and understanding. He took his time, didn't try to rush me. I got to bring up all of my concerns and he answered all my questions.
I got some meds that I think will work, however, the pain won't necessarily go away immediately. I may still have to put up with that for a few days. He said the laxatives I was taking were probably contributing to my pain. So I'll stop those immediately. I also need to be drinking as close to a gallon a water a day as I can. Apparently I'll be peeing all the time on top of this.
I was pleased when I left. Really wanted something for the pain and he didn't give me that, but what he did give me, and advise me to do, will help. And I will feel comfortable going back if it doesn't.


jen said...

Good! I'm so glad you were able to get in to see someone that might be able to help you! And if this doesn't completely work, GO BACK! :)

Lori said...

Good for you! Here's hoping that what he suggested really helps you to feel better soon. It's always so much better when you feel cared about and listened to...bedside manner makes a HUUUGE difference!

Sandy said...

I do hope you're feeling better. Thinking of you!