Monday, December 11, 2006

O' Christmas Tree

One of my absolute favorite things to do at Christmastime is decorate the tree. When I was in high school, my dad would bring up all the ornament boxes and my parents would just let me have at it. I had to have all the ornaments evenly spaced and placed perfectly. No helter skelter decorating here!
Then I had kids.
When you have kids you have to let them help decorate. They don't place ornaments nicely on the tree in the perfect spot. They don't make sure all the ornaments are evenly spaced. Children would much rather clump all the ornaments in one spot on one branch, or place them all the way in the back so no one can see them. Then I'm supposed to just leave them there so that their little feelings don't get hurt because they are proud of the good job they did. I can't do that! So one by one I start to move them into a better looking spot. If I do it slowly and quietly the kids don't notice it.

This year, however, we have a toddler in the house yet again. Guess what happens when you have a toddler? The tree looks like this:
All the ornaments are on the top half of the tree.
So, what kind of ornaments do we have? Well, I'll tell you! We have Baby's First Christmas for all three kids. I have my first ornament, too, from WAY back in 1978. Yes, they actually made ornaments back then! I don't have it on the tree this year, though. Every year I buy the kids an ornament that reflects the year for them. We also have ornaments that husband and I have picked out together. Things that remind us of eachother. It's nice to open up that box every year and unwrap our memories.

Husband put up the tree while Hunter was taking a nap. When Hunter woke up he was very excited by the tree. He kept pointing at it asking daddy, "Was dat?" He tried to blow out the lights like they were candles. We gave him a few ornaments that weren't breakable and he had fun putting them up and taking them off.
And here are Drew and Louisa hanging their Baby's First Christmas ornaments. Those are always the first to go on the tree. They want to know why they each only have one and Hunter has four! I guess Hunter just got more ornaments for gifts last year on his first Christmas than they did on theirs!

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Amber said...

That is a very nice tree!! Mine looks like that too... nothing on the bottom!