Friday, November 30, 2007

A Makeover, Antique Pics, and Christmas Cards

I'm so excited! We're getting a makeover! Not like the Mary Kay kind, but the blog kind. I was looking around at different blog designers and found Goofy Girl who did my friend Nikki's blog. (Yes, Nikki, I just linked you again!) I checked out Goofy Girl's portfolio and liked what I saw. Also, her prices weren't overly unreasonable like other blog designers I looked at. So, we're working on it, but soon we're getting a whole new look!

About two months ago, one of my playgroup mommies announced that her MOPS group was doing a fundraiser. For $10 we got a sitting with this Antiquities photography place, and a 10x13 size print. A lot of the playgroup mommies snatched up the opportunity. All of us strongly stating that we were ONLY getting the free 10x13. That was it. No packages for us. Just the free one.
Um..... I don't think many of us stuck to that. When I went to see the pictures on Wednesday, there were 4 poses of each kid, and two group poses. The photographer chose the nicer of the two group photos to be my free 10x13, but I, of course, needed to have at least one pose of each kid. But I had to buy the whole package that came with that pose. Needless to say, I spent way too much money, but it was worth it. How often do the kids get to get dressed up and take such fun pictures?
Louisa was a little apprehensive when she saw the sea foam green, lacy dress they gave her to put on (she's *not* a dress person). Once she got changed and saw the background she got excited. Although, when the photographer gave her a red velvet hat to put on, she ran over to me and said, "Mom, this doesn't match my dress!" I showed her samples of the sepia pictures the photographer had, and then she understood he was using contrasting colors because it would show up better in the picture at the end.
{This is the free 10x13 print}

Now I'm trying to work on getting Christmas cards ready. I usually don't like to send them quite so early, but we have a busy December coming up. If I don't get them done now, I'll probably forget. Then the 20th will sneak up on me, I'll leave for our trip to Wisconsin, and come home in January to a big stack of cards that never got sent.
My list of people I'm sending to grew much bigger this year. Not that I'm complaining because it means I'll *get* more cards! The first year Husband and I were married, I think we got about 10 Christmas cards total. And I gave about 30. The next year I only gave 15 or so. I have no idea why I remember this kind of stuff!

Oh, and if you get bored and have nothing to do (ya right!) go Elf Yourself! It's quite entertaining.


Nikki said...

Yay! You will love Heather! She has done two of my blogs now and sometime in the spring or summer next year, I plan on having her help me with the third one I have! She is so patient - (and working with me, she needed it!) that I know you will love her!

I love the antique pictures and I promise to get to the meme! I am working on 13 articles all due today! Whew! (so what am I doing trolling the blogs??? LOL!)

Roe said...

Awesome! Can't wait to see the new blog!

Love the pictures, too!

I hear you on the Christmas cards. I ended up doing a pic with the Mall Santa again this year because I don't want to deal with the holiday portrait crowds, so cards will be going out shortly and I'll just have the boys sit for new year portraits. :-0

snowflake said...

COngrats on the makeover - sounds great! I LOVED the pictures of the kids! Louisa is getting so big - well, ok they all are! But I can understand why you spent too much - those pics are just fabulous!!!!