Sunday, November 25, 2007


We're sitting around waiting for midnight to come. It's a strange feeling knowing that my husband is leaving tonight on his deployment, and we're just sitting around waiting for him to leave.
We don't want to stress the kids out by talking about the deployment over and over, because there is plenty of time for that after he leaves. And really, they know what to expect. We've done this before.
So instead of focusing on the obvious, we are making today a normal Sunday. Watching football, watching a few movies, playing video games (it's rainy today if you can't tell), going out to eat, doing a little shopping, just taking it easy and giving lots of extra hugs and kisses along the way.
The clock is ticking slowly, but I'm sure once midnight comes along I'll think it went too fast.
So for now, we're just waiting for our 455 days to begin.


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