Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Chaos House does Home-Ec

The kids love to help me cook. What kid doesn't? They love to stir the cake batter (and lick the spoon), they love to help mix the cookies (and lick the beaters), and of course they love helping to make smoothies (and drinking them!)
But I decided while daddy is gone we'd take it a step further. We busted out our Better Homes & Gardens New Jr Cookbook, and both Drew and Louisa got to plan a meal, make a grocery list (after checking to see if we already had what they needed), go shopping (and doing a little price comparison), then cook the meal.
Drew hasn't cooked his yet, but Louisa did tonight. She did almost all of it herself. She picked out a chocolate s'more dessert that had to sit in the fridge for a few hours, so we made that this morning. I really didn't help her with much except for getting out some of the ingredients and tools for her.
We went to an Easter egg hunt that my husband's army unit put on for us, and when we got back it was time to make her main entree'. Louisa chose, out of her cookbook, corn chowder. It looked good, but I wasn't too sure. The word "chowder" reminds me of throw up because that's what we used to call throwing up when I was in high school. Like when my friend had to disect a cat in Biology II, she headed straight for the photography darkroom (where I happened to be working on some masterpieces) and she made chowder in the garbage can. Which completely interrupted my creative flow. Ever since then, whenever I hear the word "chowder" I smell photo fixing solution mixed with barf. It's not pleasant.
Louisa's chowder, however, was very pleasant! She did a spectacular job. It had ham, potatoes, carrots, corn and celery. She cut all the veggies herself, measured, mixed, kept watch so it wouldn't boil (because it had cheese soup in it). At the grocery store she had picked out a yummy loaf of bread (from the clearance bakery cart!) to go with our soup. She was very proud of herself and everything was delicious.
Now let's hope that Drew's cooking experience on Tuesday goes as smoothly! He wants to make egg and sausage mc muffins. Not quite sure how we're going to work that one.

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Anonymous said...

WTG, Louisa.

So is the cookbook a must have?