Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Drew's Turn to Cook

Last night Drew got to try his hand at cooking. Unfortunately my patience were a little thin to begin with. Add in Drew and his "let's add an extra step to everything I do" behavior and we didn't mesh as well as Louisa and I did on her cooking night.
I allotted Drew plenty of time, already knowing it would take longer than it should. He has to give everything one last final fancy stir, or push the buttons on the microwave in an exaggerated manner, or dance and twirl around while I'm trying to get him to read directions. I knew we would encounter all of these, so I tried hard to give him the fun cooking experience that Louisa had.
Drew made us Sausage and Egg McMuffins with cheese, and both the kids learned how to make a quick and easy scrambled egg in the microwave all by themselves.
I remember making myself microwave cooked eggs for years in these small glass bowls my mom had. Louisa isn't a cereal-for-breakfast kind of girl, so now she can make herself an egg if she wants.
Drew was very proud of himself, and Louisa thanked him for the scrumptious dinner. We were supposed to make smoothies as well, but I was missing an essential part to my smoothie maker (which I found after dinner of course!), so Drew will have to make us smoothies another time.


Celular said...
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snowflake said...

I love it that you are teaching your children to cook - especially the boys! More moms should do that - like my MIL! HAHAHA... SOunds like a wonderful experience you had with both kids. I loved this pic of Drew and the one of you on your blog - GORGEOUS! Happy Easter my friend!

Anonymous said...

u gotta tell me how to make those eggs in el micro. i got a whole week of spring break with not much breakfast

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you all enjoyed those. They do look a lot like the egg mcmuffins.