Thursday, March 06, 2008

Teary Farewell

In Wisconsin we take a few things *very* seriously.
Hunting, Miller beer, the right to always be called the Dairy state (eventhough California exceeds our dairy production), a really good brat, tailgating, and football.
Wisconsinites are not fair-weather fans. We don't lose interest just because the team goes through (20) years of bad games. We hang in there, selling out every football game no matter what. Freezing weather, near blizzard conditions, nothing stops the Wisconsinite from entering the hallowed grounds of Lambeau Field to watch their Packers. A dome? That's for wusses!
Along with our football goes the bragging rights to one of the greatest QB's of all time calling Wisconsin "home" for the past 17 years.
This week, Wisconsin is in mourning. We knew it was coming, we knew it couldn't last forever, but it doesn't make it any easier.
Good-bye Brett :(
No one in this world has ever made us cling to the edge of our seats, white knuckled through 3 hours of intense do-or-die football, cry, beg the Lord for just one more touchdown, and celebrate joyously as you pull off that last minute touchdown.... again.
Even if you're not a die hard Packer fan, watching the teary farewell is enough to crack the toughest cookie. If you haven't yet, bop on over to Yahoo and watch it.
Heroes come in so many different forms. I should know, I'm married to one. I don't use the words "hero" and "sports player" together often. Hardly ever, do I associate the two words anymore. Brett and his wife Deanna are heroes for their charity work, their public pain, and so many other reasons.
Some may read this and think how melodramatic it is, that's how seriously we Wisconsinites take our football, and OUR Brett! We watched him grow from a cocky young man who liked to party a little too much, to the most humble player in football today.

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Anonymous said...

Amen. I'm a former Wisconsinite who lives in Chicago Bear Country. And I'm actually surviving. We have many friends here that are Packer friends which is an added blessing. Our neighbor put his Super Bowl XXXI flag at half staff in honor of Brett. We will miss him. And yes, I did have tears in my eyes at his press conference.