Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Day for Moms

I did end up "celebrating" Mother's Day after all. I couldn't let the kids down by telling them I didn't want to open their lovely homemade gifts. Mother's Day technically has nothing to do with my husband and whether he's here or not. So... I guess, we'll do this Mother's Day thing and make everyone happy.
I did enjoy my gifts, though. Louisa learned how to make a Power Point in school, so she and Drew sat down one morning and whipped me up a very nice Power Point, complete with pictures and pretty backgrounds and sound. So proud of them!
Drew made me a "nature bottle" which consists of everything you might find in nature.... all dumped into a bottle. He enjoys making them. He'll put a little dirt or sand in, then some sticks and flowers and rock and whatever else he can find. He wrapped up the bottle all on his own. He was quite happy with his gift and it's sitting next to a jar full of seashells I've collected over the years.
Hunter refused to tell me Happy Mother's Day, insisting that it's still Daddy's birthday. Daddy's birthday was on May 10, the day before Mother's Day, and Hunter had a great time telling Daddy Happy Birthday over the phone, many times. And then singing it for the rest of the day, and most of the day Sunday and Monday as well. Daddy is quite pleased that he's so high on Hunter's list of important things.
Two of my friends are first time mommies, and this was their first Mother's Day. Without hubbies here to spoil them, we couldn't very well let them sit at home all alone. So the kids and I invited them for a fun day of shopping and eating in a very old Louisiana town called Natchitoches (pronounced Nakadish). We had a yummy Mother's Day buffet, and I ate a seafood lasagna that was awesome! We did a little shopping, but I had forgotten that many businesses in the south are closed on Sunday's. Being a northern girl, that concept is totally foreign to me.
I hope I made the day special for my friends. It's hard doing all these "firsts" without your husband. You don't get that back again. Even if you have another baby, all the "first" firsts are gone. I did take some pretty good mommy and baby pictures for them to send to their husbands, though. Hopefully the husbands can take some comfort in knowing that their wives and sons have friends here who care about them and help them when they need us. I know it takes a load of my husband's mind knowing that I have a big, solid support system here.
And on that note, here's a cute Mommy's Day picture of the Chaos Kids. Since I was behind the camera for most of the day, I didn't get one with me in it! But that's okay because without my three wonderful, loud, crazy, creative, smart, amazing Chaos Kids, I wouldn't have a Mommy's Day to celebrate!

Hunter's doing what my friend called the "toddler squat". When I squat down to take a picture, he often squats down with me. And as you can predict, he did fall in the water. Luckily I had an extra set of clothes for him. Drew slipped and fell as well because the part they are standing on was slippery. I didn't have extra clothes for him, though. He got to come home wet and stinky!

It was a nice day and I'm so glad I had the kids, and friends, to share it with.

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