Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ahh... Summertime!

Whether summertime makes you think of watermelon, beaches, or bbq chicken, down here in Loosiana, it's officially here! And it's hot. And muggy. And the bugs are out in full force. And did I mention... HOT?!

Today was Louisa's last day of school. She flew through the year with straight A's and is now a 5th grader! I'm one proud little mama!

Drew is going to do some more lessons throughout the summer. We will do a fun "summer school" sort of program. Mid-afternoon here is too hot to play outside anyway. Most kids go in around noon and come back out after dinner. We can use that time constructively. Hopefully.

There is a school that is not in our school district that I'm going to try and get the kids in next year. I can't in good conscience send them to the schools they're actually slated to attend. Neither one would get the schooling they deserve. It's difficult living in a state where the school system is so far below any standard you're used to. One of the downfalls of being a military family and moving around so much, especially if you can't afford private schools and the kids don't respond to homeschooling. People don't understand what the schools are like here. They don't believe the stories I tell about the understaffed, underfunded schools my kids have to attend. So, we're praying that we get the kids in the school we are applying for.

Back to summer! I'm off to eat my corn on the cob that I grilled... all by myself! Because yes, I grill a mean burger, without the help of a husband :)

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Anonymous said...

You are awesome. I could eat some corn on the cob, but no I have to wait another month and a half to get good stuff. The strawberries are coming in season though, so that is good.

Congrats Louisa.