Monday, June 02, 2008

Mom's Night Out?

So, you mean to tell me that moms actually get away.... withOUT their children? Hogwash! I've never heard of it.
What you're saying is I can go to dinner and a movie without yelling at the kids to eat their food sit in their chair be quiet so mommy can think please don't stick the straw up your nose and no the fork doesn't go up there either no you can't have a large popcorn and soda I have no idea why it costs eleven dollars for one large soda but I'm not buying it and no you can't have a four dollar box of candy please don't tell me you have to pee in the middle of the movie I'm not taking you you'll have to wait I don't care if you pee your pants stop talking so loud you're disturbing people around you stop making the chair next to you wiggle back and forth oh my gosh you did not just spill your eleven dollar soda!!!!!?
Wow! If that's true, and this fantasy night really does exist, I'm going!

And so I went.
Saturday night, Mom's Night Out! I got to sit in a restaurant with other (get this) "grown-ups", and not once did I have to tell them to clean their plate! And I got to talk about things like shaving legs, and mommy 'n daddy time.... I mean "sex" (and yes, I got to say the actual word without whispering!), and oh my gosh all the other subjects that are a big no-no around young'ins who enjoy repeating everything I say. It was fabulous!
And speaking of "fabulous", I saw a movie with the word "Sex" in the title! I got to enter the movie theatre, without chasing anyone off the video games, and sit down.... by myself! Even better.... I watched a movie without missing half of it because someone has to go to the bathroom.... 5 times.

It was heaven!


~jen said...

Oh my gosh, did you just say "young'ins"??? Hahahaha!!! I'm so glad you're back in the South:) I'm glad you enjoyed your night~ and it probably added like 2 years to your life!! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Where do you find these Mom's Night Outs? I need to find me one of them. Hmmmm, do they sell them? Can I find them at Walmart? Oh where, oh where do I find a MNO?????

Anonymous said...

I'm going with you all next time after our hubbies get home!!!