Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just Another Day

Well, another holiday without Husband around. So I guess it's just kinda.... "a day". Like any other Sunday. I'm not too worried about missing holidays with him (not like people give us much sympathy anyway!) What I really miss is all the little things. Holidays, birthdays, I could give or take. I just want the small things back.
Him watching the kids while I ran to the store for just one thing.
Or him hitting the store on the way home from work.
Him taking the kids to the park so I could rest, relax, or get a few things done around the house.
Him getting a few things done around the house for me because he works SO much faster than I do!
Us staying up late watching movies together.
Us going out for lunch dates while the kids are at school.
Having someone to vent or complain to any time I need it.
Having someone who understands me so well that so many things can go unspoken.

I could go on for ages with all the small details I miss. I notice them more and more as time goes on. We're not even at the halfway mark yet. It's been 6 months, we've still got 9 to go! Whoever put this 15 month deployment into effect is obviously a sadist. No one else in their right mind would send these guys to a combat zone for that long. Away from families, away from comforts of home.... away from me.

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snowflake said...

You're so right. 15 months is a very long time. I'm sorry for all the little things you miss, and I can't tell you how your post pulled at my heart this morning. I think about you and your dh alot and keep your family in my prayers always. ((HUGS))