Wednesday, June 11, 2008

True Heroes Do Still Exist

I have such an amazing story to share! I've received one of the greatest honors ever, and I'm so excited to write about it.
Almost 2 years ago I participated in a blogging event called Project 2,996. A 9/11 victim was randomly picked for me to write a tribute for, and I was lucky enough to get a firefighter named Lt. John Napolitano II. My tribute, while not one of the best of those written that year, struck the heart of one particular individual. John Napolitano Sr.
Last week Mr. Napolitano emailed me saying he's visited my blog, and specifically the tribute for his son, several times. He wanted to thank my family and my husband for picking up the banner where his son left it off. He's shared with me through two emails and a letter that he wrote shortly after 9/11 to a service member about to deploy for the first time, his strong love and admiration for his son and friends of family who died on September 11, 2001. He was friends with many of the first responders who didn't make it back out of the towers that day.
John Sr. himself was part of the crew who, without ever being asked, dove headfirst into a pile of rubble looking for loved ones, friends, strangers, survivors. He and his childhood best friend went back day after day. Helping, praying.
Of all the heroics John II performed in his many years of firefighting, up to his last day, he learned it from somewhere. And I am so honored to have contact with the man he learned it from.


snowflake said...

That is just so amazing! I've read your tribute - it's beautiful... a worthy rememberance of such a beautiful life.

snowflake said...

PS. Did you see the award that I gave you on my blog?