Thursday, September 18, 2008

Major Meltdown!

We had one of those "toddler days" today. The kind where Hunter just melted down, and that was the end of it. We've been running so much lately that he just needed a day at home. Our days consist of getting up much earlier than Hunter would like to take the kids to school, doing some playgroup thing in the morning, coming home for about two hours (to nap, but he never does), getting kids from school, doing whatever activity the older two have in the evening, coming home for homework, dinner, bath & bed.... and start it all again the next day.

Yes, I'm overstimulating him. I realize that. It's hard doing this on my own and finding the right balance. I need to keep the other two happy in their activities, I'm running a large playgroup, I have several other volunteer responsibilities, and I have to keep in mind that Hunter doesn't always appreciate being dragged along everywhere. Some days, he just wants to stay home. So we did that today.

I was supposed to be at the first MOPS meeting this morning at 9:00. It's about a 25 minute drive out there. We dropped the kids off at 7:45, came home for shower and breakfast and the meltdown began. By 8:45 I realized we weren't going to MOPS today. I gave up trying to get him dressed and plopped down next to Hunter on the couch with an applesauce offering. After a few tickles he accepted my applesauce and the rest of the day went fine. He got all my attention for one whole day, and I got some snuggly time with my quickly growing toddler.

I know this time goes fast. It's gone fast twice before. My efforts to make my time without my husband move quicker are effecting my little guy, though, and I know it's best to slow down a bit and just enjoy him while he is little.


Anonymous said...

a whole club dedicated to mops? wow it must be clean

Chaos Mommy said...

Ahaha! Nephews are so funny, aren't they?! ;)

Anonymous said...

oh whatever
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