Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A New Hat Added

I just recently had a new hat added to my pile. Girl Scout Leader!
I've always wanted to be a Girl Scout Leader. Before this year, I never had the opportunity. But when Louisa went to sign up for Girl Scouts, and the only Junior leader met on a night we just couldn't make it, I reluctantly agreed to join the ranks. "Reluctantly" mostly because it's hard to drag the boys to all these things that don't include them. But it's also hard to ask friends to watch them every single week. The boys are so good about tagging along, though. They rarely complain.

Girl Scout and Boy Scout leading goes back many years in my family, and I always hoped I'd be able to do it just once. My grandmother was my mom's Brownie leader, my mom was both my sister and my Brownie leader, and my sister led my nephew all the way through Cub Scouts. To be able to walk in all their shoes is so exciting to me!

Off to start my new venture!

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