Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012?! Did I sleep through 2011?

I do NOT remember 2011. Was I sleeping? Did I fall into a worm hole?

So I was at this New Year's Eve party last night, and people were yelling, "Hooray! It's 2012!" and I thought, huh? I think school played a big part in why I don't remember much of last year. I had a LOT of classes last year. Some were easy, some were hard, and some, well..... let's just put some of those classes on a dusty old shelf high up in the attic and pretend they never existed. K?! :)

I don't make new years resolutions. I don't keep them, I don't even try to keep them, and it's just not my bag. However, I do usually work toward being a better person in general. More giving, loving, and a better light of God's love than I was the year before. Heck, I strive for that every DAY. But on the 1st of January each year, in addition to wishing my late grandparents a quick "happy anniversary", I think back at a few instances that went well, and a few I could have worked harder at to make better choices. 2011 seemed to be full of the latter, but we're always hard on ourselves, aren't we?

This year I'd like to take better advantage of all my children have to offer. Find the qualities that make them *shine* and enhance them. Louisa's big adventure in the first part of the year will be performing in the school musical, Fiddler on the Roof, as Yente. She was very upset when she first got the role. Who wants to be the old woman with hardly any lines?! Understandable! However, after a few rehearsals, she realized that not only is Yente the comic relief, but she's really the core of the story, after Tevye. She took a situation she wasn't happy with, and found not only the silver lining, but the HEART. Louisa is also working hard on her gymnastics, trying to land that back handspring with no help. She doesn't give up until she gets something. I love that about her!

Drew has found a love of playing musical instruments. I would love to see where this takes him. He's playing my old tenor saxophone (really the entire reason he's alive today... without much exaggeration) and he's doing amazing. He joined a piano club after school, just because, with no prompting from anyone and no friends saying, "Hey, let's do this piano club thing". Just... cause. I'm so proud of him for doing that! He's coming into his own in middle school, and I pray it stays this way. I know how torturous the years of middle school can be. We're currently building him a music corner in the new room his dad built for him. I hope to grow this love of music, both with the music corner, and with the opportunities for him to play his instruments whenever he wants to. Drew, being the middle child, and not quite as "normal" as the others, gets over looked sometimes by family members. He doesn't always get the recognition he deserves. I pray that this year everyone truly understands him for the beautiful soul he is (as his 4th grade teacher once said). He's got so much to offer, and I want everyone to see what I see in him.

Hunter has had trouble getting a solid start in first grade, however, I know he has the supreme smartness his brother and sister have. He adores having books read to him, and I think once he finally gets a grasp on reading by himself, he'll be a book lover for life. But we're struggling a little to find that inner self-reader. He's in there! In know it and I won't give up till he comes out! The major wow-factor in Hunter comes from his math skills. He's going to knock some socks off some day with his impressive math knowledge. He took to his addition and subtraction facts like they were M&M's. I'm excited to see where this is going to go!

As for me, I finally graduate college this year with an associates degree in Culinary Arts. What I do with that degree is up in the air. I have my home business that I plan to advertise and grow, but what else? A restaurant? Bakery? Do I want to work for someone else? I do need more experience in both baking and decorating. I know it'll all come with time, but it'd be nice to get that experience while being paid for it, not while paying for my own supplies ;)

2012 will be a year of growth for us, but everyone says that every year. Right? Every year we say, "This is a big year, I can feel it!"

For now I just say, GET ME THROUGH SCHOOL!!! It'll take me more than 10 semesters to get nothing but a little ole associates degree. It's time to move on to the next stage in my life. The "college graduate" part!

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I pray you all have a Chaos year, in the best Chaos way imaginable! Because without Chaos, all rules of physics are null and void.

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