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30 Days of Pinterest- Day One: Hootioes and Dandelion Fluff

PINTEREST!!! Do you "pin"? Are you a "pinner"? "Pin-o-maniac"? I have no idea what the proper verb is for a "pin-artist" is, but I am one. Whatever you call me!

I got my daughter into it too. Oops :) It is fun to have more subjects to chat with your 14-year-old about. Lord knows us teen parents are always on the look out for connection-worthy activities!

A few days ago, after an especially hearty pinning spree, I came across this signage:

Ohh... HAHAHA! YES!!! I first thought. And then, Wait.. but I really *AM* creative!
So here I've been pinning all these ideas for the past few months, and looking at pictures and oohing and ahhing. But I wasn't doing anything more with these new ideas than just looking at them on my "boards" and saying, "ooh, look what I could do."

After a little (and I mean very little) thought, I decided I was going to set aside time in my daily life (bwahahahaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!) to *create*! Also, getting my daughter in on this will give us, you know... more connection! Bonus points!

Day one, I decided to do something food related. I had my eye on something called Spaghetti Dogs, to make for the boys. I thought this was not only FUN, but would sort of knock their socks off. I love to keep them on their toes ;) I haven't been able to find the original Pin on these Spaghetti Dogs, however after doing a little Googling, they're all over the blogosphere (where have I been?).

{To begin, cut hot dogs into 4 pieces. My pieces were about an inch or so long. Note: This was a good way to get rid of two partial packages of hot dogs. I broke all of my spaghetti in half, however it's not necessary. Then, like a good old fashioned game of Kerplunk, stick the uncooked spaghetti noodles through the hot dogs... like so!}

{Next step, boil noodle filled hot dogs in water until noodles are cooked. If you really want to impress the kids, don't let them see HOW it's done. Just walk into the dining room with these on a plate and set it in front of them... hehe... snicker snicker! My boys freaked out! Drew's direct quote was, "What ARE these?!!" with very wide eyes. Hunter, in his unlimited genius, says "It's hot dogs and noodles... duh!"}

We ended up nicknaming these "Hootioes" (as in the word "hoot", and "ioes" like the end of Cheerios). Louisa and I were whispering about making these, and I said, "I hope I have enough H-O-T D-O-G-S to make these." She thought for a moment, looked confused and then replied, "Hootioes??!!" Ah-ha... so funny. That's my honor student!

The next Pinterest project I took on today was more Louisa's fault. She usually paints her nails every Sunday. MaD Manis is one of her absolute fave nail blogs. Louisa pinned these dandelion fluff nails from MaD Manis, and I said I'd like to try painting them for her. We obviously didn't have that shade of China Glaze, so we made due with a blue we have.In all fairness to Louisa, I hastily took this picture before she had time to clean up her nails. I won't do that to her next time ;) She usually over-paints her nails, and then cleans them up afterward. She does have quite a knack for doing some great looking nails, though. I wanted to try my hand at these, but I bet she could do them better.

A few notes about my new project, 30 Days of Pinterest:
I'm trying to link back to either the original Pins, or the original posts and places all of our Pins come from. Bare with me!

Also, my Pin projects should span the creative vastness that is Pinterest. Food, clothing, crafts, jewelry, decorating, etc. There's SO much in that website, that I am only scratching the very surface, but I have the strong need to learn to be creative *every single day*, no matter if it's big or small.

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