Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fear of the Unknown

Fear is one of those powerful emotions that make us think irrationally. I saw a picture of my little boy on someone else's website one day and immediately that pesky emotion took over my senses. I didn't know how to react or respond. My initial thought was that I was flaming pissed. How dare someone snatch my picture of my little boy!
After a few weeks I realized that I get what I ask for. I publicly posted pictures of my kids. I wanted a public blog to share with all moms. Not just a select few friends and family. I was sad that I no longer had the blog that I enjoyed writing on. I had fun seeing all the return readers. People that I didn't really know, but they still came back day after day to read what I had to say.
I've decided that I'm not going to let that pesky emotion take over anymore. At least not on this subject. I have a blog, I have stuff to say, I'm going to say it. Hopefully people will come back to read it. Part of what I have to say includes pictures. So pictures I will post. I'll continue to keep my CafeMom page "friends only" and my myspace page "friends only", but this is where I come to write about my mommy life. My mommy life sometimes includes pictures that help illustrate that life.
I didn't really know what I was scared of in the first place. A cyberstalker that no one really believes me about? A crazy lady on CafeMom who's had it out for me for over a year now? What's she going to do? She lives way up in Michigan, no I mean New Jersey, no I mean Pennsylvania. Ya, that's it, she's finally settled on Pennsylvania after changing her mind a few times. I'm not going to be afraid, and I'm going to continue to share my mommy life with whoever is interested enough to read it.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're back. I've missed reading all about your mommy chaos. Thank you for coming back.

Amber said...

Good for you! Glad to see you back at it!

~jen said...

I'm glad you're back, girlie~ now I can get back to laughing at how your kids are every bit as creative as mine when it come to creating chaos!! I love it!!!

AmyO said...

Thanks for coming back! I missed it while you were gone. I have loved reading about your mommy chaos.