Thursday, April 26, 2007

How to Pick up Chicks, Toddler Style

I had to take Louisa to the dentist again today. She received the first of the two crowns she needed put on. Now she has this big silver tooth that looks completely out of place. Can't wait until all these decaying teeth fall out and her permanent teeth come in so we don't have to deal with her tooth trouble as much.
In the waiting room I watched Hunter, who is now 20 months old, toddle around and socialize with the other kids. A very pretty little girl came in who looked to be about two years old. Hunter took notice of her as well. I observed him as he did a type of toddler style courting ritual. I've seen him do it before. So here is Hunter's Tips on How to Pick up Chicks, Toddler Style!

1) When you see her from across the room, stick your finger in your mouth. She'll totally take notice of that. If she doesn't, then gradually move your finger into your nose. That gets 'em every time.
2) It's ok if she's a little older than you. If you're only 20 months and she's 28 months, that just means she'll potty train before you. Your parents may tell you that there's an 8 month difference and they just aren't sure about that, but it'll work out in the end. 5 years down the road, no one will even notice.
3) Check your shoes first before you start to walk across the room to her. You lose major coolness points if you trip on untied shoelaces. If your laces are untied, just take your shoes off cause there's no sense in trying to figure out whatever the heck your mom does to tie them now.
4) If you do trip on your way over to her, just get back up again. Your mom will want to make sure you're ok. Give her a hug in front of the chick cause chick's dig it when you're nice to your mom. And score some extra points by hugging your mom extra long and letting her kiss you.
5) Once you finally get over to the cute chick, do something to get her attention like pull her hair or push her off the chair. Chicks love bad boys.
6) If she cries and runs to her mom, it's still good. She'll come back to ya. They always do.
7) And if she does come back, she's all yours. You can go ahead and be nice to her now. Give her a little pat on the back or smoosh her cheeks like your mom does to you. Now you're home free and you've got yourself a new chick. At least until your mom says it's time to go home.


Sandy said...

LOL! Sauve little man there. ;)

jen said...

Oh my, he is too fun:) Definitely the little Casanova:) Sounds like Meg and her buddies Zach and Austin- we saw them at Andrew's ball game and they greeted her with a big hug (awwww!) and a HEADBUTT!!! Go figure~ it was HILARIOUS!! So that's one he can try next time:)

Amber said...

Oh this ritual sounds very familiar! Very cute!