Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Ball ~ finally over!

Yes, it went much faster than it came. All that build up and anticipation, and it was over in a matter of 4 hours.
We got to the hotel on Friday around 3:00, got our very luxurious jacuzzi suites, and started getting ready. A CafeMom friend gave me a great suggestion for my hair that I figured I could pull off by myself. After spending $30 at Claire's right before leaving for the hotel, I hoped it would work so that I didn't waste my money.
I twisted the front into six cute little twisty things. That's how the front was for my wedding as well. Then put cute sparkly bobby pins in to hold it down. I tried to curl the back into springy curls, but my hair doesn't hold curls for more than 5 minutes no matter how much hairspray I use, so I gave up and used a pretty butterfly clip to hold a bun in place. It looked cute. Or as cute as I could get it doing it myself.
The whole time I was getting ready I felt like a silly little girl wearing my mom's cocktail dress. I never actually felt like a grown up going on a date with my husband. Even when I was sitting at my table with my husband and his fellow soldiers, and we were all drinking beer and wine, I kept looking around to make sure my mom wouldn't catch me holding a beer in my hand!


~jen said...

Aw! Your dress was beautiful, and you two looked wonderful:) I hope you had fun, even if the jacuzzi was the highlight!!

scrapperjen said...

You look wonderful - both of you!

Kim said...

You look beautiful! Hope you enjoyed your date night! Did you dance?