Friday, June 15, 2007

Hunter's New Underwear

Today we start the big Potty Train! When Drew was little he was so into trains that he was always disappointed the Potty Train had nothing to do with an actual train.
Now it's Hunter's turn. At 22 months old, I'm bound and determined to get this thing started. Both Drew and Louisa didn't fully train until they were a whopping 3 and a half. My mom was scared that they'd both go to kindergarten wearing diapers. I'm happy to say, they didn't. I did cut it pretty close to preschool, though!
I'm on top of this potty training thing with Hunter. We got the Elmo potty out, washed and waiting in the bathroom. We also bought some Nemo underware, and he promptly put on all three pairs. Hunter proudly pranced around the house showing off his Nemo underware to everyone that would pay attention to him.
After awhile the excitement of the potty and the underware will wear off. I just really hope that it doesn't take until he's 3 and a half before he finally gets it.

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