Friday, June 22, 2007

The Ball ~ part three

Today's the day and my stomach is in knots! I still have no idea what to do with my hair. My mom and I are going to Claire's later today to see if we can find cute stuff to stick in it. Most women, if past experience serves me, will have their hair in an updo. Which probably explains why all the salons around here are booked today.
My parents did arrive safely yesterday. Late, but safe. Their plane was scheduled to land at 11:08 and they got there at 12:20. Apparently the baggage was loaded wrong and the plane was unbalanced. So they had to unload everything. Well, with 50 military duffle bags aboard, I can see how that could happen.
The kids got to sit on an observation deck and watch the plane come in. Then Gramps came walking down the stairs and they all started calling, "Gramps, Gramps!" They didn't know he was coming, too! We surprised them!
My parents were very excited to see the kids, of course, and very happy to be off their cramped little plane.
In a few minutes we'll head over to their hotel to do some long awaited swimming. Later today we head down to Lake Charles to the hotel where the ball is at. We all got jacuzzi suites and if the kids behave and everything works out right, husband and I will have a night to ourselves. I'm not even sure the last time we did that. Years. But I'm leaving the ball early to hit that jacuzzi, I know that!

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scrapperjen said...

Hope you had fun! I want to hear all about it - pictures too please...