Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Ball ~ part two ~ SHOES!

If I had cute little feet, I'd totally be a shoe person. I'd buy Payless and Shoe Dept. out every time I went there. Darn these wide, chubby feet of mine! Why o why must I be cursed this way? I rarely find a decent size to fit me. I usually end up squeezing my feet into something way too small and totally regretting it 30 minutes later.

This time was going to be different. This time I was going to wait until I found a perfect pair of wide size 7 1/2's. This time.... no matter how long it took.... I was going to.... Nope. I didn't. I found Wide size 9's galore, though. So if you're a wide size 9, come shopping for shoes by me!

I settled. As usual. I'm wearing them right now, and it's not too painful. I've been wearing them for about two hours and so far so good. I did stand for awhile and my feet started to hurt a little. There's just no such thing as a perfect shoe for me unless it's a flip flop or a Converse Chuck Taylor.

I am, however, very happy that I got the first pair of shoes I fell in love with a few weeks ago when we went dress shopping. You know how you see something and then can't get it out of your mind and no matter how many cute other things you see, you still really really want that first cute thing you saw? Ya, that was this first pair of shoes. Those cute little Mary Janes fit me (figuratively) so well. Tonight, at the last possible shoe store I could check before the ball, there they were. Not in a wide size, of course, but I was able to squish my feet in a size 8 1/2. I'm sure I will regret it later, as I'm standing during "social hour" waiting to sit down to dinner. But at least I'll look cute!


Kim said...

Are are too funny! You should order your shoes online... and through ClubMom! :-)

Amber said...

Hope that your feet don't hurt too bad! Have a great time!

scrapperjen said...

I'm lovin those shoes!