Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Video

Last night we went to make Daddy a Christmas Video. Very strange experience.
On the way there, we were getting Hunter to say "Merry Christmas Daddy!" and other such happy little greetings. Unfortunately, Hunter took it the wrong way. He thought we were actually going to *see* Daddy. He was disappointed when we got there and Daddy was not to be found. Hunter ran straight into the video room, looked around, and when he realized Daddy wasn't actually there, he got a sad little look and said, "Aww". Followed by a little sigh as if to say, Disappointed again.
Before we went in, Louisa started futzing with her hair. Something she's usually not worried about. "How does my hair look?" I said it looked cute and that it didn't really matter. "I have to look good for Daddy!" she replied.
The room was decorated very cute. There was a fireplace.... taped to the wall. A tree with ornaments. A couch draped in red satin. Poinsettias spread around here and there.
We sat on the couch and the guy wrote Husband's name on a dry-erase board to be sure it goes to the right soldier.
I got Hunter to say Hi to the camera. I think we got him to say that he saw Santa and ate some cookies, and then he was off to play with the ornaments on the tree. After all, he has no clue why we're talking to an empty room with a camera in it. Drew and Louisa talked about school and sports and sang "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells".
We got up to 5 minutes and I think we made it through 3 1/2 before there was a lull in the one-sided conversation and I told the kids to say the usual closing remarks, Merry Christmas, We love you, We miss you.
When we got done, my friend and her brood of 4 were outside the room coloring Christmas pictures that the nice people who set this up had waiting for us. They went in and we sat down and colored pics for Daddy.
A few minutes later the 1st Sgt's family walked in all decked out in their Redskins jerseys, toting their two chihuahuas. They had "Dad's" jersey with them as well. Kinda made me more sad then when I was doing our video. In the midst of my grief, I often times forget other families have someone they miss, too.
Not too many of us took the opportunity to make a video. I think that more than anything, it helps the kids out. As much as the guys love seeing us, it helps the kids to know they are doing something for Daddy (or Mommy). Something to help cheer them up a little.


Anonymous said...

I am sure daddy will just love the video! I think filling 3 1/2 minutes is pretty good... I have a hard time coming up with things to say when not prompted.


Anonymous said...

That is so sweet. I bet daddy will love it and will know just how much he is missed and loved. My heart goes out to you and the kids. I can't imagine what goes through their minds especially Hunter's.

Anonymous said...

My DH said that it helps him feel like he is here with us. He puts on headphones and watches on his laptop. Like for Pig Wills birthday, I taped the WHOLE day - so it was about an hour video... he LOVED it and said he actually cried.