Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

I'm really not dreaming of a white Christmas, but I don't have a choice. I'm getting one. The north has been bombarded with *feet* of cold, white stuff. (I hate cold. I hate being cold. I hate being near anything that is cold.)
Tomorrow the kids and I, and dog, will pack up and hit the road. Wisconsin or bust. I must be half insane to do this on my own. My sister made the trip last spring. But it was warmer, and she has one tween/teen who can go to the bathroom by himself.
This time, it's cold, I have a dog who won't pee in the cold, and two out of three kids who need to be watched in the bathroom or changed.
But, without Husband here for Christmas, we want to make it as special as we can for the kids. Everyone is chipping in and doing their part. My sister has a little "Santa" surprise lined up for them on Christmas Eve, my dad is treating the girls (me, Louisa, mom, sister) to the Nutcracker Ballet in Milwaukee, my husband's brother is making a rare trip from Arizona to Wisconsin, so my inlaws will have almost all their grandchildren together in one place.
Although something is very obviously missing this year, we plan on keeping the kids busy.
Now, if only someone can invent a car that drives all by itself, and doesn't have to stop for gas, we would be all set.
Hmm.... maybe we should take the train.


Jen said...

Drive safe and have fun!!! Merry Christmas sweetie:)

Anonymous said...

oooo, the train sounds fun. I would love to take a train like that. Be a lot easier on yourself. Have a very safe trip and I'm sure that the kids and the dog will be just fine.