Thursday, December 06, 2007

Isn't Snow Globe One Word?

Some "yadda yadda" things to get out of the way quick.
1) Thank you for the feedback on the boys' video. And to answer questions, yes, they really do act like that all the time! There is never, ever, a dull moment in my house.
2) Thank you for the wonderful support I've gotten the past week and a half. So far, I'm doing okay. Really. No, I'm not just saying that. This is my take on deployments, worrying does nothing. Lamenting does nothing. Being mad at the army or at the government does nothing (although from time to time it makes me feel much better!). I give all my worries over to God and let Him take care of Husband. Husband is awesome at his job, and I have 100% confidence in his ability to protect himself and his guys as much as he can. Bad stuff happens, but worrying has never once stopped it from happening. But yes, I will come on here every now and then and lament and cry and whine, but I'm an emotional woman, and because 15 months is a really long freakin time!
3) No, I haven't started the makeover on my blog yet, in part thanks to my friend Sandy who decided to throw a whole bunch more pictures at me, along with telling me to "think" about it before I went and did something. Um... ya.... thanks for the wrench, Sandy! :)

Okay, now to the point of my post. Hunter.

We have all, at some point, bought something for a gift and ended up giving it to our kids because they were just so darn cute when they were playing with it. Right? Yes? (Just play along here.)
I have this dumb battery operated snow globe that I bought for a "white elephant" gift for the playgroup Christmas party, and Hunter has adopted it. Well, he's more claimed it, and any time I try to take it back he uses his new favorite word at me, "MINE!" But he's so cute when he's playing with it. His face lights up, he loves the songs it plays, he loves the snow blowing around all magical-like. How can I possibly be so mean-hearted as to take it away when he loves it so much? Yes, a normal mom would stick to her guns and firmly say no, no, that's not yours, and give it as the gift it was meant to be.
I'm not really a normal mom. I give in too easy, and my kids are spoiled beyond belief. But, I was going to "half-way" stick to my guns. I put the snow globe away, and marched right over to Wal-Mart... to buy Hunter another one. Yes, I hang my head in shame. The problem? They were sold out, and no, they probably won't get more because it's a seasonal item and they don't really re-order seasonal items. Okay, Hunter, you can't have a battery operated snow globe.... unless I can find one at the other Wal-Mart for you. I know, I know, shame, shame, shame.
But he's so cute!
No, the other Wal-Mart in the other town by us does not have anymore either. Who knew a stupid Wal-Mart snow globe would be so popular?
I put the thing away because I know I don't have the money or the time to go find another white elephant gift. But tonight, he found it. Hidden in my closet. Apparently not very well. Awwww!!!!!!! He's so cute with it!

Must. Be. Strong.


scrapperjen said...

Be strong! :)
Remember, it will annoy you after you hear it 100 times...


Anonymous said...

Awe, Peggie you know you want to give it to him. Maybe before long he'll no longer like or want it.
Love his shirt, btw.

Sandy said...

Any time. ;)

That snowglobe story -- too cute for words.

Half my Heart said...

That is too funny.