Tuesday, March 03, 2009

An excuse to procrastinate, or What I've been up to lately

Hmm... so, I guess my husband comes home and I have nothing to write about! Not really, but I'll just use that excuse anyway.
We've been busy and yet we've not. We've had Chaos and we've had downtime. Mostly we've been readjusting to this life with a dad and a husband that he was absent from for so long.

February run-down (in case anyone actually cares!)

1) I turned the ripe old age of 31 this past month. And believe me, 31 is absolutely no different than 30. My youth didn't suddenly disappear, I don't "feel" old, and the last time I looked in the mirror I still didn't have a single wrinkle.

2) We went on a fabulous family vacation to Houston. We saw space shuttles and dinosaurs and lots of homeless people. We stayed in a luxurious downtown hotel, complete with valet service! I'm beyond blessed when it comes to having a family who loves travel and go on adventures.

3) Louisa had a major competition for Beta Junior club. She didn't advance to the next level, but she had a blast doing it. I'm very proud of her for giving it a shot and learning from her.... um.... failure. That's a bad word, I know.

4) My parents and sister and nephew came to party at Mardi Gras with us! We started the Mardi Gras weekend off in New Orleans. It was an amazing experience! Besides being very cold and not bringing the right clothing, we had fun. We saw two major parades in the French Quarter and got a million beads. And technically we walked across Bourbon street in full party mode, so I told the kids they can tell people they've been on Bourbon street during Mardi Gras. Of course, that made no sense to them!
We also saw a local parade here in our town, a parade up in historical Natchitoches, and ended the weekend with a parade down in Lake Charles. Very similar to our Mardi Gras marathon from last year. It was much harder to say good-bye to them when they left than I thought it would be. Hunter cried at the airport saying, "Why they want to get on that airplane, anyway?" Poor baby! He had so much fun with his grandparents and auntie and cousin. My family always likes to go-go-go. There isn't much sitting around for them. The kids get spoiled with tons of love and attention, so I can see how Hunter was sad when they left. I was too!

5) While my family was visiting I had a huge Girl Scout event called Thinking Day to attend. My troop chose to represent the country of Nigeria. We had to make a display board for all the other troops to see, as well as a dish to pass, "swaps" to .... um.... swap, and a skit to perform. We performed a story called Master Man, based on a book by Aaron Shepard. The girls did a great job! It's hard to get up on a stage in front of your peers when you're in 4th and 5th grade.

Here's to the beginning of March! For much of the country it definitely came in like a big roaring Lion with all the snow! For us it came in like a Lamb. We're all looking forward to a beautiful spring that is only 3 short weeks away.

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