Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Rainbow Car Game

Louisa and I have a new game. The Rainbow Car Game. We have to find car colors in order of the rainbow. As you can imagine we get stuck on purple a lot, and I've just totally eliminated "indigo" from the line-up.
It all started a few days ago when we were waiting in line at the checkpoint gate to get on to the army base we live on. For those that have never been on a military post, you have to stop at a checkpoint gate to show your ID (driver's license or military ID). We noticed a bright yellow truck in front of us, and a bright orange car next to us. I said "All we need is a red car and we have the 'ROY' of our 'ROY G. BIV'". Not two seconds later, a bright red truck rolled past. We laughed heartily.

After we got on base we saw a blue car, then a green one. Again, we laughed saying we only need purple to make our rainbow. Yep.... a purple car drove past. It was just too funny to be true.
So, ever since then we have been finding rainbow cars. We've made it three times through the rainbow, but we're stuck on purple again. Let me know if you see a purple car!

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